How do I apply for both public housing?

  • Call 781-834-4333 to have an application mailed out to you.  

What is the phone number for maintenance?


What do I do if I miss a deadline for returning papers? Do I contact the person designated on the paperwork?

Yes, you should call the office at 781-834-4333 and request an extension.

What do I do when I want to move out of public housing?

You must give a thirty day notice, in writing. Please send your notice to Colleen Whalen at the main office, One Holbrook Court, Holbrook, MA 02343. Also, speak with your property manager to ensure you are caught up on any rent or maintenance charges. Schedule an inspection of your unit.  

How do I report a change of income?

You are required to report all changes in income within 30 days of the change. The office will need 3rd party documentation of the income change. If you have lost a job, please remit a letter of termination.  For other income changes, submit a recent pay stub or other income documentation if income has gone up or down. If you are paid weekly, please submit four pay stubs.  If are paid bi-weekly, please submit two pay stubs.  If you are paid monthly, please submit your NEXT monthly pay stub showing the change in income.

I am having trouble with the Champ online system. Who do I speak to?

CHAMP is not operated by the Holbrook Housing Authority. The CHAMP website has a help tab, which provides answers to most routine questions. If the question is not answered, there is a phone number at the bottom of the CHAMP site for those who still need assistance.

I faxed some documents over to public housing. To whom do I speak to check if these documents reached MHA?

Contact the office at 781-834-4333

How do I get a copy of my rent breakdown for public housing?

Contact the office 781-834-4333 

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