Holbrook’s New Smoking Policy

The Holbrook Housing Authority last month met with residents to discuss the adoption of a new smoking policy for the Authority. James Marathas, Executive Director for Quincy Housing Authority and managed agencies, along with Colleen Whalen, Assistant Director of Managed Agencies, and Andrew Rocha, Assistant Executive Director for Quincy Housing Authority were also in attendance.

A new smoking policy was long overdue for the Authority, which had a zero tolerance for smoking anywhere on the property. Marathas indicated that it was an unreasonable expectation for residents who smoke to leave the property in order to do so. This highly restrictive policy has over time also contributed to residents smoking in their units as a result. Smoking in units is a nuisance, and health concern for neighbors at the property. Furthermore, smoking in units contributes to significant damage over time, which leads to costly unit refurbishing.

The new policy, which allows for smoking 25 feet from the building was adopted by the Board of Commissioners and provides for a more equitable solution to smoking at the property for smokers and non-smokers.

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